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Bouncing Post

Sports can have a significant positive impact on someone’s well-being. Not only do sports reduce stress, they also give people ways to bond and practice collaboration, while reaping the physical and mental health benefits of exercising. Want a burst of happiness? You wish you could put your anxiety at bay?
You are longing for quality sleep? It’s time to get moving!


I have had the chance to be surrounded by active and dynamic people who practice regular physical activity. Some are interested in mainstream sports such as tennis, soccer or basketball; While others dare to think outside the box and pick sports such as rock-climbing, kitesurfing or even free-skiing. I belong to this second category, and have always been attracted to crazy sports. I started with waterskiing when I was younger, and I have now chosen to practice flying trapeze. Such activities release my brain from a great amount of stress, make me feel accomplished, and overall help me become a better and well-rounded
young woman.


The Bouncing Post is a publication that highlights the stories of sporty New Yorkers with the use
of photography, typography and illustration. It celebrates everyone and every sports, by exploring the intersections of well-being, and physical activity. It features live, visual, and written content shared
by athletes of any level, throughout its varying platforms.