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off paris seine

This project was essentially a rethinking exercise, that brought us to reconsider the concept of design possibilities for hotel lobbies.


The ‘Off Paris Seine’ is located on the Seine river near the Gare d’Austerlitz train station and is the first floating four-star hotel in Paris. In order to make the experience of this hotel more interesting, I outsourced its lobby within the Seine’s embankment and created a new bar and reception area. More intuitive, people will now be able to register with the help of a self service check-in machine and enjoy a moment as captivating as it is appealing: they will be immersed in a submarine atmosphere before boarding the vessel.

We were also asked to present our work in an innovative way. Instead of printing our floor plans and renderings in a traditional way, I decided to create a video. The aim was to deliver my designs using a more conceptual method. The result was thrilling, and the video invited people to dive right into my work.

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