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Edge magazine

A Boundary is something that indicates a limit. But how far can extreme sports push the limits of the human body? For some daredevils, it seems that there is no end to how fast they could go, how deep they could dive, or how high they could climb. We all crave adventure to some degree or another. But some people need more than the normal forms of life’s excitement and take it one step further, participating in high risk activities, where the consequences are far greater.


Living on the edge comes with its own form of self-expression. The initial intention of the Edge Magazine project was to showcase the conceptual and intellectual investigation into the thematic topic of ‘boundaries’. Within the editorial framework, the main goal was to provide notions of dialogue, community, and participatory content creation. In the development of the prototype, I was able to create synergies between printed and digital editorial formats, playing with interactivity and functionality.


Edge Magazine is a periodical publication focused on extreme sports. Each issue of the magazine highlights an air sport, a land sport and a water sport — accompanied by the profile of an athlete in each category.

A brand narrative began with the creation of a logo that captured the essence of the publication: bold and edgy, to reflect the vibe of its readers. The typographic logic was then expanded to address advertising and a set of client communications.


Ultimately, Edge Magazine is for those who are ready to overstep their boundaries and conquer fear!

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