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Creation of a digital product serving a social good. A large scope project going from user research, to information architecture, to branding, and visual design.


Easy Covid is an app that I designed to make Covid-19’s testing and vaccination process and experience easier. The app locates all of the testing and vaccination centers around you, provides information about the testing and vaccination process, allows to schedule testing and vaccination appointments online, retrieves your testing historic, gives you access to your vaccination passport, and informs you about potential virus exposure.


I had the idea to create this app back in winter 2021, when vaccines were far from being realeased. As an international student, I had been travelling back home to Europe for the holiday season, and I systematically was asked to present a negative covid test. However, I had found it very difficult to gather information, about how and where I could get tested. I also noticed that results sheets looked completely different from one hospital, or test center, to the other, making it difficult for officials checking your results to know where to look, and to check whether or not the document had been falsified. This is why, it came to my mind that an official app gathering all of this information would be useful.

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