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burning man

Rebrand of the music festival ‘Burning Man’ by creating a generative identity system. I designed the logo/system using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and applied the design to various prints, environmental applications and mockups. 


When digging through the archives of the ‘Burning Man’, it was difficult to find consistency in the various graphic design pieces they promoted throughout the years. I found tons of different logos that were applied to systems such as the ‘Black Rock Gazette’, the ‘Burning Man Journal’, the ‘Survival Guide’, theme announcement posters, tip sheets, or even basic festival tickets.


The one thing that was kept consistent was that ‘man’, symbol of the festival that endures since 1986. The ‘man’ is a gigantic wooden sculpture, located at the very center of the festival. It is set on fire on the eve of the festival’s last day.


Passionate about architecture and very admirative of this impressive timber structure, I decided to create a logo of the ‘man’ closer to reality, and to picture this symbol in its true essence. From there, I created an alphabet that followed the pattern of a human alphabet, using ‘the man’ instead of realistic human bodies. Have fun and try out the typeface here.

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