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continans terra

Continans Terra, which symbolises the « continuous land » is a project that aims to renovate the Pavillon Gabriel (famous French heritage building) in a multicultural museum that will stage art from Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania.


Located along the world famous Champs Elysées, the Pavillon Gabriel emerged in 1841. Since it has been partially destroyed and rebuilt a great number of times, leaving its architecture fragmented into multiple styles and leaving its history difficult to read. The aim of this project was to get rid of the superfluous and get back to basics in order to rediscover the foundations of the building.


With this new beginning, the museum intends to be a meeting spot during the Olympic games of 2024 in Paris: it will be a place of exhibitions, cultural events, expression, discoveries and experiences. Each continent will offer its own temporary and permanent exhibits as well as a food hall. In addition, the museum will offer an auditorium, conference rooms, a large reception hall, outdoor areas and internal offices. This project was designed alongside Marthe Simon.

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