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The main goal of this project was to elevate print design. My response to this request translated into a series of animated posters. I focused on having the design carry the pieces, and then added motion to supplement them. 


I was inspired by the illustrations from the music video for the song Better Days. Even-though the motion incorporated in them were rather simple, I thought that the drawings were really fun and playful. As a result, I decided to apply this aesthetic to digital posters for the Belgian pop star — Angèle.


This artist is famous for her offbeat, grungy, feminine and irresistibly avant-garde style. Angèle stormed the top of the tracks when it comes to music, and in terms of looks, she also knows how to stand out. With her bangs, her retro tracksuit bottoms, her nineties inspirations and the striking colours of her outfits, she triggered me to create bold and audacious animations.

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