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For this project, I was prompted to create a series of posters to promote an event that takes place in my hometown. As a starting point, I selected two designers and tried to mix the relationships I saw in their work. I picked Dorrit Dekk and Ladislav Soutnar. The emphasis was to create something that has a visual freshness by recontextualizing and remixing formal relationships.


What inspired me in Dorrit Dekk’s works were her iconic collages, both charming and humorous as well as deceptively simple.

In Ladislav Soutnar’s works, I was particularly drawn to his project Strip Street, an album of work he created in 1963 composed of 12 erotic silk-screen prints. These prints are outside of his design norm, and yet they still include Sutnar’s hierarchical design approach as a father of modern information design. Sutnar’s designs interpret the impact of the swift «passing glimpse in the dim, murky, aphrodisiac atmosphere of female bodies in movement, shaking, swinging, quivering, twisting, rolling and jerking».


With the designs of both of these artists in mind, I immediately thought of creating posters for « Féerie », one of the Moulin Rouge’s iconic cabaret show in Paris.

I gathered fabric, lace, thread, pearls, glitters, feathers or anything fun I could find in my cupboard.

Then, I glued all of this together to form a bunch of cute little dancing ladies. Finally, I scanned my sketches, overlaid them in photoshop, and the work was done. 

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