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In this project, I decided to explore a different way to deal with water and created an innovative water facility that I located in Brittany, France. The architectural program of my project is divided into two parts:
a rejuvenation center revolving around water, and an architectural and initiatory route that recreates and stimulates the feelings that this colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid can provide.


Brittany, famous for its cliffs covered by moors and exposed to waves and winds, is both breathtaking and invigorating. The experience that will first take place within the water facility will continue outside of it, where the vast panorama will encourage the user to reconnect with the water element, creating an echo between architecture and nature.


To design my architectural program, I identified the different steps of the process that one has to go through while immersing himself into water. I took out of this study the five following steps: relaxation, immersion, flotation, vacillation and abstraction. Each of these feelings represented a room of my initiatory route.


At the end of this journey, the enjoyer will come across the rejuvenation center. In this wellness paradise, one can wonder from one pool to another experiencing all of the benefits of thermal water therapy while taking advantage of the beautiful unscathed nature around him.

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